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    Big Changes❗Up to 25% off discount💌(PC)

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    Hello all users,

    Our community has updated some special functions, which is a big change. Please check the following functional information.

    1.Role Change. To make it easier to understand the community, we have removed the role of Certified User, but still kept Tipster. Admin or deputy admin can also be a tipster in the group (they can also be subscribed). 

    2.Subscriptions and Paid Tips. We have combined premium tips with paid tips. Users can now view a single paid tip, or subscribe to the tipster and view all the tips for 7/30 days. We support every tipster to focus more on analysis and prediction in order to create higher-quality tips for the users. So some pages will be removed.

    Some changes to the Hot Page

    Some changes to the Group Page

    3.Win Rate Calculation. The system will automatically count the 7-day winning percentage of all users in the community. As long as the user has posted more than 4 predictions and reached a win rate of 60%, the data will be displayed on the right side of the users name. It is convenient for us to know the 7-day accuracy of each user.

    4.More Statistics. For the tipsters, we will count the Number of Paid Tips, Average Odds (New), and paid view. Users can know much better about the profitability of every tipster from the odds.

    5.Number of Paid Tips. We are happy to help Admins, Deputy admins, and Tipsters earn more from their analysis. Therefore, they are now allowed to post Five paid tips for unfinished games per day. If some games will finish soon on that day, they can continue to post until there are already five pending tips (No more than 10 paid tips in total every day).

    6.Subscription Cost. The subscription price has been reduced. Users can subscribe to a tipster for 7 days with 1,200 diamonds (↓400) and for 30 days with 4,500 diamonds (↓1500). A 25% discount is given! To help with the understanding of the tipster, subscribers can view all the free and paid tips of the tipster during the period.

    Hope all users can understand those changes and join us.


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